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Blizzard Clothing: Motion Graphics for Promo

The Project

My part has been to work with the scarily talented videographer, Ben Sherriff, to produce moving graphics that showed how the jacket works, while living up to the high-tech nature of the product.

Each arrow was sent along its own animated path. Along with colour changes and fades, the sheer number of elements made for a complex scene. A spreadsheet was used to keep track of it all, and ensure everything was checked-off at the appropriate point.

Over a series of meetings and emails we identified a need for several elements. Firstly to show diagrammatic and physical versions of the jacket with the airflow passing through. Secondly the high-tech material itself and finally some form of branding that showed the company logo to best effect.

We agreed that a simple wireframe of the model would work best to highlight the coloured arrows moving through.

The bike and jacket were modelled in a minimalistic style, merely suggesting the profiles.

The mannequin figure was given a denser mesh in a subdued shade to allow the simple wireframe profiles of the jacket to stand out.

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