Motion graphics by Simon Cornish,

produced in the unusual square format to promote a new e-book for the Tefr RPG system.

The graphics were created using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

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Motion Graphic Sequence

This promo sting was designed for promoting the Tefr RPG brand online, specifically to tie-in with the launch of a new e-book next month.

The Tefr logo elements were designed in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.

The background elements are symbols that feature in the book and the style was designed to feel like a book page, including the square format, as opposed to the usual landscape.


The book is based upon symbolism and these feature heavily in the ident. The curious inverted triangle that appears at the start of the sequence is the symbol from the book that represents the unseen forces of magic.

The glowing ‘T’ appearing on the final logo build is based upon the symbol that represents the life-force.

So, now you know.

Tefr Logo Sting

This project started life as a title page insert for the Tefr Enchanters Primer, a 110 page e-book. The insert (below) was designed to run in a continuous loop. The book was created with Apple’s ibooks author software, but, due to a quirk of the software, it proved impossible to have a self-starting media loop. While the sequence looked great running, it was decided that it would be best to use a still graphic and save a few Mb of file size at the same time.

Tefr Logo Sting